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Discover Task Chair (in Grey Mesh with Grey seat)
  • $447.00
  • $220.00
Rhythm Executive Chair (in Duck Egg Blue)
  • $997.00
  • $473.00
Wink Office Chair (with arms)
  • $429.00
  • $297.00
Drive Task Chair (on Alloy frame)
  • $897.00
  • $547.00
Memory High Stitched Chair (in Black)
  • $1,297.00
  • $484.00
Wink Office Chair (no arms)
  • $399.00
  • $275.00
Rhythm Executive Chair (in Biscuit)
  • $997.00
  • $473.00
Upholstered Student Chair (in Black)
  • $363.00
  • $297.00
Upholstered Student Chair (in Pink)
  • $363.00
  • $297.00

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Stealth Medium Executive Chair (in Black Leather)
  • $374.00
Memory Medium Stitched Chair (in Ivory and White)
  • $1,197.00
  • $440.00
Classic Managers Chair (in Black)
  • $797.00
  • $374.00
Power Chair with Headrest (in full black leather)
  • $770.00
  • $497.00
Upholstered Student Chair (in Grey)
  • $363.00
  • $297.00
Memory Mesh Medium Chair (in Aluminium frame and Black mesh)
  • $997.00
  • $374.00
Techno Office Chair
  • $429.00
  • $275.00
Cobra Executive Chair (in Medium Black colour)
  • $697.00
  • $363.00
Mesh-Backed Chair
  • $242.00
  • $220.00
Our extensive range of workplace home office chairs and ergonomic seating are built specifically for the Australian workforce and its anthropometric & posture-related challenges. This range is perfect for home and company offices that are in need of supportive chairs which help prevent back pain and provide good lumbar and back support.
Our home office chairs are designed with the expertise of physicians, occupational therapists, and designers based on RealTM Ergonomic principles that are ergonomist-endorsed, ensuring that you are free from back and neck pain.
Every purchase is covered with a 5-year guarantee to ensure that you are happy with your purchase.

How To Effectively Work From Home:


5 Easy Ways to Make ‘Working From Home’ Work

Employees across the world have been working from home as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. This is to ensure that the virus doesn’t spread rapidly in the workplace and into their respective homes.
With this new norm of working from home, some people have been finding this new set up difficult, for two main reasons —either they have too many distractions at home, or they get too overworked since the lines between working and “home” hours start to get blurry.
With that, we’re here to share 5 easy and simple ways to make ‘Working from home’ work for you.  
  1. Start Early

It’s good to wake up at least an hour before you start work so that you have enough time to get ready. Use this time to get dressed, prepare your morning coffee, and organise your workplace and things to do for the day.
In this way, you start with a clean slate rather than doing a lot of things at once.
People tend to neglect this, probably because being at home makes you feel like you’re supposed to or that you can easily merge and manage your work activities with your home activities.
  1. Prepare like you’re actually going to the office

Have a nice shower, eat breakfast, and get dressed. This will set your mood for the entire day and can help you become more productive and effective.
It will make you feel like you’re actually at work and help keep a clear mindset of getting things done instead of wishing you were back in bed.
  1. Assign a devoted workspace

Your work area at home plays an important part in keeping you on your toes. If you choose to work in your bed, you’ll feel too relaxed and encourage you to slack off, pull out your phone, or… take a nap.
If you choose to work in a common area where you are surrounded by your kids, the TV, or your comfortable sofa, you might not get much done.

First thing you need to do is to look for a quiet place in your house that has good lighting, and a space that you can have all to yourself. From there, you can then set up your desk, chair and computer, just like a real office space.
  1. Ensure that your chair can support you throughout the day

Aside from keeping you in a “productive posture,” not having the right chair can cause you greatly when you work from home. Why? Back pains, neck pains and posture problems can be caused by sitting for hours on a regular chair. Not having a supportive chair can cause long-term harm to, not just your back and your posture, but ultimately to your health as well.
For starters, investing in the right chair will provide you with at least these three main features:
  1.  Lumbar support
  2.  Seat adjustment
  3.  Height adjustment
In this way, you are able to work properly and, at the same time, watch over your health and well-being.
Our home office chairs are selling fast so make sure to grab one of them while stocks last:
In addition to this, investing in anything at home is never really a waste as its use will last for years, even a lifetime. And anything that has got to do with improving one’s health will give you great long-term benefits.
  1. Don’t forget to take a break

Last but not the least, don’t forget to take a break every once in a while, or as much as you feel is needed. Give yourself some time to refresh and recharge.
Some people work for hours because they forget the boundaries between their home and work. As a result, they work more than they’re supposed to. Take breaks when necessary, clock off on time, and remember to make time for your other equally important priorities.